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Offering every tier of entertainment beverage service to take your next event to a higher level. Whether you are looking to have a memorable in-home gathering, impress potential clients, or achieve your own sommelier certification, SommInfluence can take your beverage experience even further than you envision it to be.


Meet Nathan, Your Everyday Sommelier

With 25+ years of consulting and teaching experience, Nathan is first a leader, second a teacher and mentor, and lastly, a sommelier. Nathan believes that service is noble- the act of extending grace, comfort, and kindness to complete strangers who decide to take a seat at the table that has been prepared for their enjoyment.

As your Everyday Sommelier, Nathan embodies this brand of service in any environment desired. In addition to creating personal in home events, SommInfluence can assist in planning for your big day or consulting in curating a beverage menu and service plan for personal or business needs. SommInfluence also offers teaching and mentoring for the serious Somm Student as well as the hobby wine enthusiast who enjoys digging deeper into the knowledge of the wine and spirits world. Custom packages can be created in order to make each experience uniquely suited to the clients needs.



CMS, French Wine Scholar-WSG, Certified Specialist of Wine-SWE

What Everyday Sommelier can do for you.

Everyday Sommelier offers expert, high end beverage service. We create the opportunity for you to do what you do best as a host or hostess, and we come alongside you and take the event to the next level. We are equipped to offer wine, beer, and specialized cocktail service. While doing an excellent job on the classics, SommInfluence offers the potential to create unique drinks inspired by your vision for your event. Do you want a personalized cocktail honoring the guest of honor? We can do it. Would you like a list of wines reminiscent of a favorite experience, or in celebration of an upcoming trip? Let us put together an offering that will delight your guests. Everyday Sommelier can prepare the beverage menu as well as provide the drinks and service for you next memorable event. An educational component surrounding your beverage choices can be provided for you and your guests to the extent that you would like.

From gathering friends around your sister’s famous charcuterie boards and your husband’s well loved barbecue, to seating guests for a fully catered dinner by your favorite restaurant, to opening your doors for your neighborhood potluck, your favorite way to socialize at home goes from being another weekend gathering to a memorable event when Everyday Sommelier beverage service is added.



Wine and cocktails tell a story, and we will take your guests on a journey of discovery unlike any of you have previously experienced. Open the door of possibilities for your next private party and allow SommInfluence to provide a five-star experience while showcasing you as the host. In home events include cocktail parties, wine pairings, private tastings, and any other personalized beverage service desired.


Whether you are preparing for a large personal event, or you run a business in the food and beverage industry, SommInfluence can provide consulting services that streamline your processes and take your vision and make it into an efficient and effective reality.


The success of a great dining experience is to be educated to make great choices when pairing wines with food. Learn how to be a pro when it comes to your dining selections. Whether you have never tasted wine, enjoy the occasional glass, or have your own wine cellar, these classes are for you.


Have a professional assess and advise you on your private wine holdings SommInfluence can help you organize your current collection and guide you on what selections are needed to make your private library complete.

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...however, good wine paired with good cuisine tastes great!

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